Ready, Aim…

In a little more than 12 hours, I will begin my first chemo treatment. I am ready. It’s been a long time coming, and I am ready to start launching arrows! It’s weird to say I am excited for it to begin, but I really do feel like chemo is something being done FOR me and not TO me. I need it to survive this.

I am so grateful for all the amazing people in my life…I truly don’t know what people do who do not have support systems like me. I know I am lucky! Even people I don’t know are reaching out to me. It’s crazy and overwhelming, but in a good way.

Please pray…

1. For my caretakers (especially those who have to live with me full time and temp) as I may not always be the best patient!

2. For my doctors and nurses (see #1)

3. That the chemo WORKS in attacking my tumor and any shred of cancer anywhere else in my body

4. That the side effects are not so severe that they have to change my protocol. I want their first choice regimen. If I have to be sick in order for it to work, I can handle sick. I just want to be able to continue on everything.

5. For more research on Triple Negative breast cancer to find the cause, effective medicines and of course a cure

So tomorrow it begins. I’m not sure I will have as much enthusiasm as this girl, but I’m at least humming the tune…



25 responses

  1. You’ve got this, Shelley! I’m 100% behind you and ready to lift you up on those days that you feel like staying down. You are definitely one of the strongest I know. I love you.

  2. Shelley, I’m sending you much love and lifting you up in prayer! I know that I’m just one in an army of so so many that will be pulling for you throughout your fight! Thank you for sharing. Big hugs to you, Katie McGaffic

  3. Praying hard for you today, Shelly. You can fight this, stay strong! You have amazing family & friends and support behind you all the way. Sending lots of love your way today. XOXO

  4. Shelley, I have enlisted some prayer warriors for you! We are thinking of you and sending you strength and love. Your awesome family and all of your friends are here to support you and will celebrate with you on the other side of this journey. You’ve got this!!

  5. You’re so amazing! Your beauty glows from the inside and radiates through your soul and your smile. I’m so grateful I met you, and you’re in my prayers every single day.

  6. You are in my thoughts today and every day – you are so strong and such an inspiration!! Wishing you peace, strength and comfort…you will kick ass!

  7. Shelley, I started my day with prayers for you as I have now for several weeks. I think of you often, and I know if there is anyone out there prepared to win this battle it is you! Love you! Kim

  8. I know that it has been a long time since we’ve talked or seen each other, but I want you to know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers during your journey. May God watch over you and bring you great strength!!

  9. Shelly, Wow … You are an amazing , strong, kind and wonderful person. All the things you do for everyone and the furbabies. I am and will be praying for you. I will give your name to the church and my friends’ churches. YOU GOT THIS!! Hugs and love to you Brenda Murphy

  10. Got one under your belt! Let us know if we can do anything!! We love you loads,

    Carolyn and Larry

    PS Gail is teaching me about blogging lol!

  11. Shelley, my heart hurts that you are even having to tackle this BUT I know you WILL and knowing you….with that infectious SMILE everyday. I will be praying all your prayers everyday and I will check on you soon. Sending lots of love and hugs from Thomasville.

  12. Shelley , this has been a very hard and emotional two months for you and the many friends and family. I recently asked “God, what is the purpose here? “. But after reading the many expressions of love and caring from so many, and having gone through two battles of cancer myself, I know and have been reminded of what its all about. It is Love. We feel it from the deepest part of our soul. Put there by God as the greatest gift of all. So Shelley, you have known this all along. Your faith and strength resonates and is as powerful as that arrow. There will be lows but remember God will be there to pick you up and carry you. Love you so much, Shelley. Fight with all your might I will be right by your side cheering you on.

  13. Shelly, your site is very helpful to me. Our situation is almost exact and you are helping me , thank you. I am glad I found you on

  14. Thank you for sharing your journey. So many of us love you and are with you through this journey! Prayers going up and blessings coming down!

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