One Down, 15 to Go

I made it! Day one was a positive experience. My nurses and fellow arrow launchers in the chemo room made it a relaxing afternoon of starting this battle.

My amazing family and friends made my experience more comfortable by being by my side constantly, and providing me with all the comforts and necessities for the chemo room.

Tonight I feel ok. I’m a little foggy, mild headache, tired and a space cadet. Otherwise, I feel good.

This photo represents the many bracelets I’ve received and cherish dearly. It’s a regular Christmas morning around here. The gifts just keep coming and I appreciate them all. Mostly I appreciate all the well wishes, positive vibes and prayers! How will I ever thank all of you appropriately?!? Love all of you!



5 responses

  1. So happy to hear you made it past the first day ok…thinking of you daily. Can’t wait to buy you a beer and celebrate your battle against cancer one day:)

  2. What a great attitude Shelley! I wish you didn’t have to go through this, but it’s great to see how much support you have! I will continue to pray that everything responds in the best way possible. Ciao, bella!

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