So Far, So Good

I can’t explain the feeling of waiting for side effects you know are inevitable but they aren’t coming. No complaints here!! It’s definitely helping me stay positive.

As I told a close friend this morning, overnight I began to I feel like I did 12,000 sit ups, push ups and neck somethings yesterday. I have muscle soreness over my entire body. But other than this, I haven’t experienced any other side effects. A little tired but mostly because I’m not sleeping through the night, which is unlike me.

Yesterday I went back to the doctor to receive a Neulasta shot. This shot stimulates your bone marrow to create white blood cells (since the chemo is destroying them along with my cancer cells). I’m told this is the one that makes you feel flu-like, usually about 24 hours after the shot. It can also cause joint pain in your long bones, sternum and hips. Surprisingly, Claritin is prescribed to combat that joint pain, so here’s to hoping it works. Otherwise, I can only take Tylenol.

Thanks for all your prayers, well wishes and support! I know it’s directly linked to how well I’m doing so far. Xoxo


3 responses

  1. Glad you are doing well so far. I’ve been thinking about you and praying for you! Post some pics so we can see your beautiful face and see what you are going through. Thanks for the update! xo

  2. So glad you are doing so well. Continued prayers for you! Have you ever linked how sore you are after a workout to how effective the workout was??? Well I often think that way. If that is the case then just think of that soreness as an indicator of how effective your chemo and shot are!!! Love you! Kim

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