Happy Thanksgiving, Pass the Hand Sanitizer Please

Hand sanitizer- it’s what’s for Thanksgiving dinner!

Yesterday I had my follow up appointment with my oncologist. They did blood work and a general check up. I have what’s called neutropenia, which means my white blood cell count is very low. Normal is between 4,500 and 10,000. Neutropenia is anything below 1500. Mine is 700.

This means I’m at high risk of infection. So, they put me on antibiotics, and I’m on restriction for all raw fruit and vegetables (cooked is fine), due to risk of the yuck things that can be on them even after washing. There goes my favorite apple salad recipe I’ve made every Thanksgiving for the last 11 years (that I selfishly took off the menu altogether so I’m not tempted, sorry family!).

I am not feeling great, but it still could be worse. I’m hoping that if the chemo is destroying my white blood cells it’s also destroying the cancer cells. I’ll take it if it is. It’s nothing terrible. I’m just achy, headachy, tired and a little cranky.

Yesterday was a really long day, I was slightly nauseous, my appetite was very selective and I had my first broad food aversion day (while at grocery store of all places). I’m hoping a day of doing nothing today will put me back on track.

As of now, I feel like I will be able to eat all the Thanksgiving food (no aversions at the thought of it) so hopefully a good meal will get me feeling better.

As for the hand sanitizer, everyone here will be enjoying second and third helpings throughout the day!


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