Roses are Yellow

My sweet husband had these for me after my second treatment. Considering round two hit me a little harder immediately following treatment, they were a very bright spot in my day!

I’ve been much more lethargic than last time and yesterday was my neulasta shot, so the soreness is back this morning (and arrived sooner). It feels like my glands are swollen around my neck but they aren’t – it’s just soreness all the way around. Hard to get comfortable. Definitely still a no hug/no touch zone.

All that being said, I keep asking myself “could it be worse?” Yes, it could. As long as it can be worse, I consider myself lucky. I think about the people who went through chemo years ago who didn’t have the drugs and insight that doctors now can provide and I know they had it worse.

Mom and Becca have become very strict with me….”drink 5 gulps of water” “get up and walk” “eat more” “drink down to this line in the glass” – doing my best to follow their orders as I know it’s for my best. They have a perfectly timed medication schedule too which I appreciate. Keep the pain and nausea away! They’ve also kept the dogs walked, fed, entertained and spoiled. Millie especially follows mom’s every move.

Still have my hair, no clue what’s going on there. Day 17.

I’m hoping as the day progresses I’ll feel like moving around more but right now I’m chilling on the couch looking at my roses.



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