Fluids, Labs, Dreadlocks and Good News

It’s been an interesting few days. Round two definitely was/is harder than round one for me. I’ve been pretty much down for the count, so much so that we called the nurse this morning and they had me come in today for labs and fluids. So I’m sitting here now in the infusion lab getting fluids to bounce me out of the funk.

My hair is now coming out. It started slightly 2 days ago but this morning after my shower it became a mess. I probably still have 30-40% of it left (for those of you who don’t know me, I have a lot of hair) but the parts that are left are disgusting and pretty much dreadlocks. Pretty soon I will cut them and/or shave my head but I guess I’m holding out to the end. It’s definitely weird and a very messy process. I wore one of Brent’s baseball caps to the clinic today and that didn’t help the dreadlock situation.

I already feel better (home from clinic now) so am hoping that was just what the doctor ordered. Well, it was actually what she ordered. Here’s to hoping it’s all I will need until next time.

Left out some significant good news last post (unintentionally). The exam before my second treatment showed that the tumor is softening and is more moveable than it was prior to treatment. These are signs that the chemo is doing its job. I had felt that myself, but didn’t want to jinx anything until my doctor said it herself. I am very glad about it though, as a lot is riding on my response to the chemo. So this is very good news!

Thanks again for all the support, prayers and well wishes – I appreciate all of it more than you know!


8 responses

  1. Hi Shelley,
    Thanks for the update. Celebrating the good news. Sending prayers for the tough parts. Grateful for the good response and the excellent care you are receiving your family and medical staff. Just offering a little encouragement.

  2. Shelley, that is great news about the mass. Evie has been praying for you every night. She will be excited to hear that Mrs Shelley is getting well. We love you guys!

  3. Hey Shelley! This is your babysitter from 1980!! I vividly remember that little curly headed blond bebopping around the pool 🙂
    I connected with Becca on Facebook a while back, so I’m seeing your situation for the first time today. You’ll be in my prayers!!

  4. Hi Shelley, We’re happy to hear the good news….sorry to hear that you haven’t been
    feeling so hot, but then chemo doesn’t make most people feel so hot so just hang on….Lee and I think of you often and say prayers for you and Brent each day. Please give him our best and continue to be strong. And when your hair finally goes just remember that some folks figured out a few years ago that Bald is Beautiful! Love you,
    Gail (and Lee too)

  5. Great news…we are so glad. Now just hang in there…one day at a time. And yes, bald can be beautiful. Pair it with a smile…you’ve got this!

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