Will the Real Sinead O’Connor Please Stand Up?

I finally gave in…last night my hair was a matted mess causing great discomfort and itchiness. I knew I would not be able to sleep with it that way. So, Brent –armed with a mean pair of small craft scissors — stood with me in our bathroom to cut out the clumps of dead hair. We didn’t prepare or plan for this. It just happened. Oddly, it wasn’t much different than when we have to cut clumps out of Millie and Murphy’s coats (including the same scissors – yep, we’re all family).

We were actually laughing the whole time because it was the most disgusting hunks of hair (no worries, we spared you any photos of the mess). Brent was getting pretty cocky about his cosmetology skills when it was all said and done. It felt weird but so much better than the rat’s nest that it felt like before, so I was good with it. It was definitely a much lighter setting than I ever imagined it would be, and I am grateful for that.

This morning, bright and early, Brent, Becca and I went to see the sweet lady who has cut Brent’s hair for years. She herself is fighting the battle with breast cancer, and was kind enough to open her shop early before any other customers were there to shave the rest of it off. It was quite surreal and I felt super weird that it was happening. But, it’s all done now. She was so sweet and compassionate, and in no time I am now officially bald. Brent informed me I have no weird wrinkles or fat rolls in my head, so this is good news I suppose.

My wig will be here Friday. It is not curly…they don’t make wigs like my hair so I had no choice but to go straight, but it does have some wave to it. Fortunately, it is long so it will feel more natural to me. Until then it’s beanie caps and scarves.

So as our day moves into just another ordinary day, Brent is humming “Nothing Compares to U,” while Becca is watching what she says in case my inner G.I. Jane decides to go all bad-ass on someone. It is all really weird, but I am glad this part is now officially over.


15 responses

  1. You two are priceless! Brent’s and Becca’s facebook posts and this blog post are
    so sweet and so funny. I know this isn’t a fun time, but it IS a time when you learn
    about all the people in your lives and what they really mean to you. And dear sweet
    things, do Lee and I need to buy you a good pair of scissors….oh no, we don’t, the
    story is much better just the way it happened. We love you all, Gail and Lee

  2. You’re total GI Jane – bad-ass all the way. And you are very brave to let Brent near any part of your body with a pair of scissors. Hugs to you. I know it was hard, but I know you’ve handled this with total grace – which makes you bad-ass. XOXO

  3. Shelley,
    Writing this with a tremendous lump in my throat and years in my eyes. You are an inspiration. I am taking my sorry ass to the post office with my Millie’s (human, not canine) Locks of Love donation – in your honor.

  4. Shelley – Keep your awesome and positive spirit! I am praying the chemo does its job and that you have peace as well as physical and mental strength. I know you have many friends and family loving on and praying for you, but now you have one more. Blessings! Sissy Williams (Becca’s friend)

  5. Should’ve tried the furminator first, you might have gotten to layer it, works wonders on gage. Your tough with the GI Jame look, all you need is a tank top and tatoo girrrrrl!!! Tough girls rule the world.

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