Frustrated with Fatigue

One of the demon children of chemo is hitting me…fatigue. My brain wants to be active and busy and productive. My body is responding with a resounding NO. I know this is just a product of the poison in my body and knew it would come, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. The simplest of tasks is exhausting lately…getting dressed, lifting anything heavier than 10lbs, and today, just getting out of bed. I feel old!!

I know that nutrition would help me, but the foods I need are the foods that I mentally cannot fathom eating. I am going to try harder this week on that part. My labs on Tuesday were good as far as my nutritional values, but I am anemic now which my doctor said is just from the chemo and not something I can eat my way out of. So hopefully I can push through this. My plan is to work in my office tomorrow instead of at home. Pray I can make it through the whole day.

On a positive note, Christmas was great! I was able to enjoy all the family gatherings, and no one’s schedule or plans had to be adapted or adjusted to my cancer which was my Christmas wish. I hope you all had a great Christmas and are getting ready to ring in a happy new year!


4 responses

  1. Come on Shelley Marshall, what do you mean the good food tastes bad.
    Raw eggs , raw kale, liver enzyme and shark cartilage????yuuummy!!😳
    I don’t blame you one bit, and it’s ok to be a little tired right now. That’s what the New Year Resolution is for, besides your never lazy. If its not work, its the rescue if not that its shopping.
    Christmas was great and will be better when I try on my new waders. Tell Brent we need to catch up on the bromance. Word!!!

  2. Hi Shelley, Hope you are feeling better. Lee and I just got back from New Jersey at midnight last night and are having a quiet day/night at home. It was so good to see you at Christmas and you look fabulous. So sorry the fatigue factor has raised its head, but hope that by today you are better. I will call you soon. Love, Gail

  3. Happy New Year! Hoping you wake up this morning with a fresh burst of energy and a belief in all the good that 2014 will bring…very best wishes and lots of healing prayers – Rebecca

  4. Hi Shel- at least you don’t have to eat anything with cherries!! ( ; We love you and look forward to celebrating being cancer-free in 2014!!!

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