What Tumor?

Thursday marked my second round of weekly chemo treatments – two down and ten to go! And, lots of good things came from Thursday!

For starters, my labs looked great compared to what they were expecting, so I did get my treatment. I was fully prepared not to get it. The blood transfusion did its job, which is good to know because I never did get that rockstar feeling I was told to expect. At least it did its job on the inside though. I’ll take it!

In my appointment with my doctors before chemo starts, I sometimes see my oncologist and sometimes see the PA. Both are very familiar with my case, and I’m comfortable with either one of them seeing me. Thursday, I saw the PA and she did a thorough exam. She confirmed that she felt absolutely nothing! Not even dense tissue. Needless to say that is great news! As I was getting dressed, my oncologist literally busted into the room and cheerfully exclaimed, “She said it’s gone??!! Already!?” I was taken back because my oncologist is ALWAYS notably calm, steady and not overly expressive in any way. I think this is necessary for her profession and the emotions she has to deal with on a daily basis. I will say that seeing her that excited gave me another boost of excitement. So I asked her if she wanted to check too and she said “Of course I do!” So I laid back down and she came to the exact same conclusion. It’s gone!

The fact that she said “already?”, I’ve drawn my own conclusion that I’m ahead of schedule in that department. She didn’t say that, but I like to think that’s what she is thinking.

Obviously, this is the best possible outcome for where I am in the process. It does not change any of my future treatment plans. We will finish out the next 10 chemo treatments and then I will still have surgery. I meet with my surgeon this Thursday prior to chemo to learn more about the plan, timing and details of my surgery. So
I’ll have more information on that soon.

The last good thing to come from Thursday is that I have felt really good. Taxol is definitely easier on me so far. I even went to work on Friday for a full day. That’s never happened in my previous five chemo treatments, and I was fine all day. My appetite is back and I’ve felt almost normal. Today was the first day I’ve not felt well, but I’m counting it as a fluke. Hopefully I can go to work tomorrow.

The only new side effects are really sore fingernail beds, which is very typical of Taxol. My neuropathy is back too and my hands are very sore and dry. But the medication helps all of that, so it should stay at bay.

All in all, I’m really happy with my current state. I like to think as the next 10 treatments as bonus for killing any rogue cancer cells that might even be thinking of lurking somewhere else in my body. Surely 10 treatments will kill everything for good!


17 responses

  1. Hurrah Hurrah! We are so pleased for the news and doubly pleased that you feel good.
    Great for you and for Brent…..and for all of us too! Love you Shelley! Gail and Lee

  2. Thank you for sharing your good news! I have another friend who was just diagnosed and this is so encouraging to hear. Continuing to pray and sending strength and love your way!!


  3. Such wonderful news Shelley. It literally sounds miraculous but drugs and doctors do miraculous things sometimes. Keeping you in my daily thoughts and prayers, along with your wonderful family; and of course, your dogs. 🙂

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