My Own Personal Summer

Not much to report this week except I thankfully did get my treatment yesterday, despite yet another winter storm that closed the cancer center Wednesday and delayed the opening on Thursday. Very uncommon for Macon to have this kind of weather, much less twice in the same month! I was grateful that they didn’t make me wait until today to get my treatment.

So far I’m feeling ok. There is a definite noticeable difference in how I feel with the Carboplatin added in, which is to be expected. It will make me look more forward to my Taxol only weeks.

Despite the wintry weather and frigid temperatures, this past week and especially the past couple days, I’ve been having my own personal summer. Yep, hot flashes. Except I’m not sure why they coined them “flashes”…they are more like hot minutes.

For those of you who don’t know (and don’t mind a bit of TMI), premenopausal women like myself almost always experience what is referred to as “chemopause” while undergoing treatment. We are subject to any of the side effects that you hear menopausal women complain about (according to Brent, I haven’t yet gotten to the evil mood swing phase…fortunately for him!).

Until recently, I’d only been having periodic hot flashes at night. Lately, however, they’ve become very frequent and very pronounced. Daytime, nighttime, anytime. I don’t think I ever realized how powerful they are and how you can’t just ignore them. They overcome you. Even as I type, my face is flushed from my most recent “flash”.

Anyway, that’s just one of the many lesser known, lovely side effects of chemo. There are other side effects I experience that I don’t and won’t write about here, to spare you from the TMI factor (you’re welcome), but this one I felt was safe and it’s the main issue I’m having now other than fatigue.

Who knows what the weekend will bring. Sundays have been my “bad” days this time around so we’ll see if the Carboplatin affects my weekend more so. I have lots of work travel the next two weeks, so I need to feel good!

Don’t forget about the fundraiser for the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation on 3/1/14 at Rhythm Dance Center in Marietta. If you can’t attend, you can still donate online if you choose. If you plan to attend, it’s just a $10 minimum donation at the door. If you want to participate in the Dance-a-Thon, it’s a minimum of $50 in pledges. Here’s a link again to the page. It’s easier to view on your computer than on your phone.

Hope to see you there! And if so, pardon me if I have to step outside to cool off!


3 responses

  1. Hi Shelley and Brent, Had dinner with your Dad and Mom, Larry and Carolyn, and Doug and Jean…almost like when we were young :-). Hope you have an easy time this week. You are both doing great! We are proud of your determination and attitude. Sorry about the hot flashes…finally something I can personally empathize with. Just be glad they are in the winter. They are worse in the heat! Love you guys, Gail and Lee

  2. My daughter and I are keeping up with your progress through your blog. It is inspiring to read about your ups (many) and downs (very few). Your cheerful attitude and sense of humor are a great example for all your followers. We are looking forward to the Dance-a-Thon!!!!
    Tracey (Dance Mom)

  3. Sorry about your “personal summer” but I appreciate you bringing the warm weather with you.
    I hate the Carboplatin (GNC supplement $19.99, buy one get one) made you feel poopy. I’ve never seen the Shelley Hulk and hope I never do. I just don’t hear you yelling “Shelley Smash”!!! (Please record it if you do)
    Any who. Good luck tomorrow, I hope it goes well and this is great weekend for you. Especially since I’ll be 8ft from you.
    If it’s a bad weekend I’ll let you hit me with the Epi-pen, that’ll cheer you up.
    Later dude😜

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