Carbo in the Past Tense

I am done with Carbo! Despite my counts still being low last Thursday (900 when I needed 1000), they allowed me to have my treatment of Carbo and Taxol anyway. So I finally got in that third dose, and I am officially done with Carbo! It’s nice to have another piece of chemo in my past. While I didn’t feel great this weekend (or today for that matter), it wasn’t terrible either. So I’m grateful for that too. 

The catch to being able to get my treatment was adding in Neupogen shots. Yes, you recognize the “Neu” because it is the baby cousin of my frenemy, Neulasta. Neulasta shots were the shots I received to boost my white count while I was undergoing the A/C portion of my treatment. Neupogen are baby Neulasta shots that boost your count for 24 hours instead of 10ish days. 

I received three vials of pre-filled Neupogen shots on Thursday with instructions to give myself injections on Fri, Sat and Sun in 24-hour intervals. And yes, the same side effects were expected and occurred as Neulasta. Soreness all over, even to the slightest touch. Not fun. I personally don’t think the Claritin/Aleve combo does much of anything to help, but who wants to try not using that combo to see if it is worse. Not me. I don’t want worse. 

Today, I went back to the doctor for a re-do of my labs to see if I have to keep giving myself shots this week or if I can stop. Good news, I get to stop! Until Friday that is. But, I’ll take 4 days of not sticking myself (or having Brent stick me, he’s a great needle sticker, btw, despite his normally queasy stomach. It’s actually less painful when he does it vs. me doing it myself).

After my treatment this coming Thursday, I will follow the same protocol of 3 days of shots. Same for the next treatment the following Thursday. But after that, I AM DONE…with shots and WITH CHEMO! The countdown has officially started. On April 17, barring any crazy issues with my body, I will receive my last chemo treatment. That is just 10 days from today. The end is in sight, and I’m beginning to feel the relief. 

In other news, my hair has oddly started growing back. I’ve read the same thing happened to others in my same experience. Mine started as soft, white peach fuzz. It’s starting to turn darker now, but still very sparse. In a week or so, I might have a decent covering. I’m not sure what the recent dose of Carbo will do to kill off what little has started growing back, but it’s interesting nonetheless. I have a long way to go to get to pre-chemo hair, but I’m excited about the mini-head start (no pun intended). 

Next week, I meet with both my plastic surgeon and my regular surgeon (on separate days) so will know more about what the next 6 months hold for me at that point. For now, I’m excited that the last 6 months are soon to be behind me! 




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  1. Patients with a positive attitude always do the best, you are proof of that. So glad to hear you got your tx this week. You are the strongest woman I know.
    Olivia ask me about you the other day, so we are all thinking of you and of course praying for you. We love you.

  2. Such great news! What a fighter you are. 🙂 I am praying for you!! I was wondering if you could answer a quick question I have when you have a free moment. Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon. 🙂 hvsj12 at gmail dot com

  3. I went back & read some of your first blog posts; & then came back to the present (actually writing this on 4/12/14) – there is a string … despite, or better yet in spite of fear of the unknown, the smack of reality that comes with knowing REAL lack of control, feeling poorly (which frankly those words don’t come close to their truth), and the myriad of other descriptors that could be placed here … there is a string that is strong enough to hold and not so tightly woven as to not show vulnerability which ties all of the good, magical, and divine aspects of your journey that is YOU! So glad to hear April 17,2014. Prayers for you, B, and family.

      • Shelley you are my hero and love u so much. This is the third event in my wonderful family. The first you didn’t know. But wish you had. I learned so much from Gretchen (Jerry’s mom but I claimed her as mine too). She had an amazing way with words. I still come across her thoughts written on grocery lists, backs of torn envelopes and always written between the pages of her many favorite books. Surprisingly I recently opened a page marked with a newspaper clipping. The author Kahlil Gibran and the poem about bows and arrows. Its too long to recite here. The arrow went swift and far and hit its mark. I truly believe God is the archer and you the arrow! Much love Mushiem

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